Weight Concerns and the Non-Diet Approach

The Non-Diet paradigm is an evidence based approach to improve quality of life and health without restrictive dieting. It is a more gentle approach, many of the techniques are psychologically based which may be more helpful for those clients who have numerous failed weight loss attempts and a history of chronic dieting.

The Non-Diet Approach shares similar principles and overlaps with the ideas of mindful eating and intuitive eating. It’s based on responding to internal eating cues, learning to trust your body, and improving your relationship with food, eating and your body.

A Non-Diet Approach Dietitian will not place you on a diet and you will not be required to count calories or measure food. They will help to guide you to improved health without the focus on weight, but instead on making food and lifestyle choices that work for you.

A Non Diet Approach may help you –

  • Change your preoccupation with food, weight and dieting
  • Re-route the energy previously spent on controlling your food intake to something that provides you with joy and pleasure
  • Feel secure with your food decisions and learn to eat with flexibility, rather than rigid rules