Wei Yng Chua, Osteopath


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Wei graduated from RMIT University in 2008 and has post-graduate training in the Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy (Phase 1-9, Pediatrics 1-2).  She is interested in treating pregnancy-related pain, newborns and those with systemic presentations like chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions and fibromyalgia. She uses a range of osteopathic techniques including cranial, articulation, stretching, visceral technique, soft tissue massage and  the occasional manipulation, depending on what is needed for the patient on that day.

To relax, Wei enjoys bouldering and has trained for many years in the Japanese martial art Aikido. She likes learning how to move effortlessly, whatever the situation, and is always looking to help patients achieve the same ease of movement, whether it be in their sport or just getting around the house.