Sarah Valentini, Homeopath


BHSc (Homeopathy) AROH, Member Aust. Homeopathic Assoc. (AHA)

Sarah was first introduced to homeopathy while living in the Netherlands, where it is commonly used. When she tried a homeopathic remedy for an acute cold she was ‘blown away’ by the gentleness of the healing – the remedy being easy to take yet quickly removing the symptoms and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.

As a mother, when Sarah’s older son was born, she used homeopathic remedies for him and was encouraged by the fast responses – both for physical complaints such as nappy rash and teething, and for behavioural issues such as sleep. A degree qualified Homeopath, Sarah now has 10 year’s experience with homeopathy. Following her studies, Endeavour College went on to specifically invite her to present a short course in homeopathy on behalf of the university.

Originally setting up her own practice in Spotswood and Clifton Hill, she later continued to treat her clients by Skype during a time living in New York, before returning to private practice here in Australia. Sarah has previously been the in-house homeopath at MAMA, a group of midwife-run clinics specifically dedicated to pre and post natal care. Her chief role at MAMA was supporting women through the experiences of pre and post natal life, including fertility and conception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, as well as infant complaints such as attachment in breast feeding, colic, nappy rash and sleep disturbances.

To supplement her clinical experience, Sarah was employed in the lab of one of the original (and largest) homeopathic remedy manufacturers in Melbourne, Martin & Pleasance.

During her career, Sarah has spoken to several parents groups about various developmental stages of children and how homeopathy may help. She has also presented on homeopathic first aid and various other specific health topics. In 2012, she co-authored an article on a triple blind research study of a homeopathic proving, peer reviewed and published in Similia – AHA’s industry publication for practitioners. The same year, Sarah presented her research about the role of homeopathy in the wider natural medicine industry, at the national conference for the Australian Homeopathic Association.

As a practitioner Sarah leaves no stone unturned. She is incredibly thorough, ensuring that her assessments of her clients are clear and concise. The homeopathic approach aims to treat the whole person including the physical and emotional experiences of the individual, which is what appeals to her about the profession. At an initial appointment with Sarah you should expect to investigate your individual health concerns and experiences in depth, before a wholly personalised treatment is designed, taking all aspects of your individual circumstances into consideration.

Please join us in welcoming Sarah to the Inner West Health Family.