Sally Walshe, Osteopath


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Sally Walshe Osteopath

Dr Sally Walshe, Osteopath

Sally Walshe completed her Osteopathic studies in 2004 at Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). She has completed several Post Graduate courses in Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy and also in the Biodynamic approach in Cranial osteopathy. Sally uses a Biodynamic Osteopathic approach to treatments. This form of Osteopathy is a very gentle and restorative form and helps the body achieve and maintain optimum health for the individual. It works with the osteopathic principles that the body is able to heal itself and maintain health and wellbeing. Sally is aware of the importance of a ‘holistic’ approach to treatment. She sees her role as a facilitator that helps people work towards optimum health and believes in approaching sessions with compassion, understanding, support, warmth and joy.

Sally was a dedicated dancer until her early twenties & has a passion for the arts – notably the visual arts. She has had a variety of experiences which she brings to her treatments. 

Sally is also WeFo local and is deeply entrenched in the local Inner West community with children attending local schools – so she is sure to be in on all the local gossip!!! We are thrilled that she has called our clinic home and she is thrilled that she can now offer Osteopathic treatment to the community she loves.