Online Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine Appointments (Telehealth Consultations)

Acupuncturists are able to use their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide, acupressure, dietary and lifestyle advice via Telehealth

This a remote consultation undertaken via Cliniko Telehealth or other online video platform (eg Zoom) with your acupuncturist. The acupuncturist will be based at Inner West Health Clinic or their home office and you can stay in the comfort of your own home. 

Requirements: You will need to have a computer/phone that includes a camera with audio. If using Cliniko Telehealth, we will send you a secure link which you can simply click at the time of your online consultation. If we arrange to use Zoom, you will need to install Zoom onto your phone, tablet, laptop or pc. Please click here for Zoom installation. 

We have 2 options depending on your needs. 

Please Note: ONLINE ACUPRESSURE OR TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE CONSULTATIONS MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOU! For some clients, ‘face to face’ will still be the most appropriate form of consultation, however we appreciate for some people at present, this is not possible nor suitable. Therefore, before booking this consultation, please email with your name and contact details (email and phone number) so that we can touch base via email or phone to determine if this consultation is suitable for you.


10 – 15 minute consultations for repeat clients who have attended the clinic within the last three months and would like a short consultation follow up.

Designed to enable an online, face-to-face conversation between clients and practitioners, to touch base and briefly discuss –

  • Current state of your existing condition
  • Concerns regarding your management plan, acupressure, dietary advice or lifestyle recommendations
  • Quick review of acupressure or any other advice that was given previously
  • Price – $25


30-40 minute Telehealth consultation for new clients or existing clients with a new complaint;

  • Detailed history of your presenting complaint and your overall health
  • Assessment according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, including tongue diagnosis
  • Treatment and management advice
  • Acupressure demonstration, Chinese medicine dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations, review where appropriate
  • Price – $50

Payment: Payment for online consultations are required prior to the consult. Payment options include payment over the phone (with credit card details) or electronic bank transfer. 
A receipt will be emailed following payment.  Please note that Health Insurers do not currently provide rebates for Telehealth consultations for Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine.