Matthias Houvenagel, Osteopath

Dr Matthias Houvenagel, Osteopath

Matthias Houvenagel, Osteopath

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Matt’s Osteopathic treatments are based on using both the latest techniques, and by employing well-established Osteopathic philosophies. He is experienced in Dry Needling & Kinesiology Taping. 

He enjoys treating a variety of conditions; anything from repetitive strain injuries, to those of a traumatic nature. Being an avid sailor, having competed at an international level, and cruised from Europe to Australia, Matt has a special interest in sports injuries. Matt is motivated to achieve optimal physical health for each athlete, and aims to restore and improve each athlete’s performance in the process.

Matt completed his Masters of Osteopathy at New Zealand’s Unitec Institute of Technology and encourages his patients to self-manage their well-being with the help of prescribed stretches and exercises in order to achieve long lasting results.