Joshua Splitter, Biodynamic Osteopath

Josh Splitter

Josh Splitter, Biodynamic Osteopath

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Please join us in welcoming our new Biodynamic Osteopath, Joshua Splitter to our IWHC Family!

Josh has recently returned from having spent the last few years enjoying and playing in the peaceful, sunny and spectacular surrounds of the northern New South Wales coast and its luscious hinterland. Originally from Melbourne and having been given some clearer sense of direction in his life from his time in nature, he is taking over from his good friend and colleague Kylie Walsh at Inner West Health Clinic.

When Josh was eighteen years old he suffered two major traumatic accidents that set him off on the road to exploring the potential of Osteopathy.

His mother, Dhanistha Devi Dasi, who practices and teaches as a Homeopath, has always supported and guided Josh towards the power and efficacy of nature and natural remedies. At the time of his accidents, already having a professional relationship with an Osteopath trained in Biodynamics, she suggested he see for treatment. This was the beginning of Josh’s journey into the great ocean that is Osteopathy.

Since graduating from RMIT in 2006, Josh has focused on studying and engaging himself in the Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy, as taught by Dr. James Jealous in the USA; the same approach that aided him in his own recovery all those years ago. Dr. Jealous and the entire Biodynamic faculty have helped open Josh into Osteopathy as a way of life rather than just a profession, for which he is eternally grateful.

Josh’s interests lie in authentic meeting and communication, helping to honour the need we all have to be seen and heard by the other people in our lives. He is also very passionate about helping people to realise their own right to ‘be and feel empowered’ and the journey towards freedom in ones self.

He is looking forward to getting to know the people of the Inner West community and the opportunity to offer them Osteopathy, as he understands it.

Josh is available for appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 7pm.