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Electronic Health Fund rebates (HiCaps) are available for most major health funds. In cases where an electronic claim is not able to be processed, the full fee will be charged and receipts issued to enable a health fund rebate to be claimed by you.
WorkSafe, Department of Veterans Affairs and TAC clients are all welcome to receive osteopathy treatments provided the relevant referrals have been obtained.

We also offer medicare rebates for Osteopathy, Speech Pathology & Dietetics / Nutritional Counselling via GP referral under the Chronic Disease Management plan. Please call us for further information regarding fees, payment and eligibility as this can be a little confusing to navigate.

We are also happy to accept patients with funding under the NDIS. Please note that NDIS clients who self-manage an individualised funding package must consult their scheme case manager to determine if functional and therapeutic services provided by an osteopath can be paid for with package funds.


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Initial consult (45-60min): $105
Subsequent consult (30-40 Mins): $90

(Low Income Health Care Card & Pensioners)
Initial consult (45-60 mins): $95
Subsequent consult (30-40 mins): $80


If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment please do so via the link in your confirmation or reminder email. Alternatively you can contact us on 9078 2455 or at Messages may be left at any time to allow us to cancel your appointment as quickly as possible.


Special notes for your therapist:
If you have a particular question or note for your therapist please feel free to advise them via the “Notes” section at the time of making your appointment. Your therapist will be able to view these notes immediately after your booking has been made.


Will I be fully clothed during my osteopathic treatment?
You may remain fully clothed if desired, however for the most effective treatment, you may be requested to disrobe to allow the therapist to directly treat the area. Your therapist will take all care to maintain modesty in all cases. If you are not comfortable with disrobing please discuss other options with your therapist.

What sort of medical history is required?
A brief medical history will be required to enable the therapist to gain a thorough understanding of your general health and possible issues and causes of any discomfort. Some conditions may also be contraindicated to treatment.

Is a referral required?

Mostly you do not require a referral to see our practitioners, however in some instances, you do!

  • If you are wanting to use an EPC plan (chronic disease management plans), you must have a current referral from your GP prior to arriving for your appointment.
  • If you have a Worksafe or TAC claim, you are no longer required to have a GP referral for treatment, however you will be required to have a current and active claim number for us to proceed with treatment.
  • If you are a DVA client, you will need a referral from a GP, specialist, treating hospital doctor or a hospital discharge planner. Please have your DVA card handy when booking with us so we can check your eligibility. We claim from DVA directly you do not have to pay anything out of pocket. We ask that you provide us with the name of any other osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor who has provided you with treatment during the previous 12 months. This will help to prevent any difficulties in claiming payment for services provided to you.

Can I bring my child with me while I have treatment?
Your children may accompany you to the clinic, however they are your responsibility and should be with you at all times. Children left in the waiting area will be unsupervised. Where possible, Inner West Health Clinic requests that you make alternate arrangements for the care of your children during treatment as we can’t supervise them during this time and do not take responsibility for them while in the clinic.